Efficiently manage work accidents and reduce your contributions for workers’ compensation

Gestion des Accidents de travail Rapport daccident

A complete tool for managing work accidents and occupational diseases

SIGMA-HR.net is the most advanced software application on the market for managing work accidents and occupational diseases:

  • Follow-up of work accidents and occupational diseases;
  • Automatic generation of claim forms for Québec, Alberta and British Columbia
  • Electronic transmission of the “Employer’s notice and reimbursement claim” (for CNESST in Québec)
  • Management of work accident and occupational disease reports: medical certificate, expert advice, emails and letters, appeal, follow-up notes, reminders, attachments, etc.
  • Follow-up of expenses
  • Follow-up of accident analysis (method can be customized)
  • Follow-up of the implementation of corrective measures
  • Geolocation of work accidents 
  • Links with occupational risks  
  • Automation of tasks, dashboards and alerts
  • Verification of monthly statement from the CNESST
  • Simulation and projection of CNESST contributions.


Control and estimate your work accident costs while reducing your social security contributions

With SIGMA-HR.net’s work accident management module, you can simulate the impacts of legal or preventive actions on your CNESST contributions. You can easily assess the return on investment (ROI) of such actions.

In addition, SIGMA-HR.net allows you to check if claims have been assigned by error to your company or if the decisions given by the various instances have been respected.

The method for calculating CNESST contributions is so complex, it’s difficult to manage such data in an Excel file. Our tool will allow you to calculate the CNESST contributions (personalized rate or retrospective plan) quickly and easily.

SIGMA-HR.net will also let you plan and reduce your CNESST contributions that are linked to your work accident rates and risk exposure. Our customers have significantly reduced their contributions relating to work accidents and occupational diseases (often between 5% and 30%).

By allowing case managers to understand how their actions have a direct impact on contributions both on a short and long-term basis, your company can change its prevention actions and corrective measures to maximize the possible return on investment.

The tools that will let you verify, check and simulate your CNESST contributions are totally integrated to the SIGMA-HR.net work accident management module.

First application to allow geolocation of work accidents on your sites

The SIGMA-HR.net software uses the latest technologies to help you manage the prevention of work accidents, which are often caused by occupational risks.

With our geolocation tools, you can…

Géolocalisation rh


  • View the work accidents on a map;
  • Find the accidental exposures;
  • Identify the most dangerous locations;
  • Act quickly and correct problems where it counts.

SIGMA-HR.net is an application that allows organizations to quickly implement prevention measures, and to be better equipped when dealing with the possible responsibility of the company in the case of work accidents.

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