Timesheets: an operational management centre with SIGMA-HR.net

Feuille de temps logiciel RH Sigma-RH

Modernize your time management with our digital timesheets

Electronic timesheets are generated from templates that are based on custom calendars and work schedules. They allow all subjects related to the company’s operations to be entered retroactively, either manually or automatically:

  • Attendance time
  • Absences
  • Breakdown of work time by customers / activities / projects / budgets;

SIGMA-HR.net time management module can also be used to manage expense accounts.

Interactive approach to time management

Available from each employee’s Web portal, timesheets follow a custom validation process that ensures employees and managers participate in the creation and confirmation of data required by the operation of the various departments or business units.
During the entire process, the SIGMA-HR Time and Activities module guarantees that information is updated in real-time to ensure everyone can rely on accurate data (time bank balance, absence calendar, etc.) before, during and after each action.

An online operational time management centre

Integrated to the SIGMA-HR.net software, time management functionalities provide data management tools which allow you to generate individual digital dashboards, by project, by customer and/or by activity:

  • Follow-up on time worked
  • Management of vacation time banks;
  • Simplified follow-up of expenses accounts for reimbursement purposes;
  • Access to the entry and display of absence calendar;
  • Access to associated documents in records
  • Breakdown of attendance time by project, by customer and/or by activity
  • Follow-up on unproductive time (absences, rest period)
  • Follow-up of expenses generated by employees broken down by project, by customer and/or by activity
  • Follow-up on consumption of budgets

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