Optimize your time, planning and scheduling management

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Deploy a modern and efficient time management software

The HR time and scheduling software SIGMA-HR.net can be used with time clock terminals to ensure your employees’ attendance time is recorded accurately and scheduling is compliant with all criteria in your organization as well as existing regulations:

  • Accurate definition of work schedules (daily, weekly, monthly);
  • Definition of work sequence over a period (cycles, recurrence, etc.);
  • Control and interpretation of time based on rules that reflect labor laws or internal practices which may be required by collective agreements, departments, etc.
  • Team scheduling

SIGMA-HR.net – your interactive and centralized time, planning and scheduling management software

An efficient time management policy requires consistent processes before implementing the solution, and while working in the module. This implies complex interactions from everyone in the company. The integration of the HR Scheduling – Time capture module in the global SIGMA-HR.net solution will ensure remarkable consistency is achieved.

Time, planning and scheduling management for Human Resources Managers

HR managers define in the application the rules that must be applied because of labor laws and internal practices in force in the company. They can control, in real time, all actions performed in the application, by defining alerts with different severity levels.

Time, planning and scheduling management for Operations Managers

Operation managers can create and manage their scheduling based on the rules that have been configured. They can use several tools to optimize this task, and help them:

  • Calculate dynamically the scheduled, effective and anticipated hours worked
  • Verify or anticipate overtime, hours worked at night, etc.
  • Manage employee replacement
  • View a modification log

Time, planning and scheduling management for employees

Employees can receive or view their official work schedules, they can see their own bank balance, and they can log their attendance time in several ways in the application:

  • Manual entry in online timesheets
  • Clock in or clock out from a cell phone or a Web application
  • Clock in or clock out on a terminal

Produce time and attendance reports ready for analysis in a few clicks

Company directors, HR managers or operational managers can benefit from a powerful report generator tool that can produce automatically several operational or strategic management reports:

  • Regular production of information that must be exported to payroll
  • Management of absenteeism and attendance
  • Management of bank balance with alert thresholds
  • Graphical analysis that can be customized for all available time management data
  • Cross-analysis of time and absence management with other key processes in the company (work accidents, training, labor relations, etc.).

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