Talent management software – SIGMA-HR.net’s global solution for training, skills, interviews, recruitment and career management

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Optimize talent management in your company with SIGMA-HR.net software

The SIGMA-HR.net software includes advanced talent management functionalities: training, recruitment and annual evaluations. Manage skills and turnover with SIGMA-HR.net talent management software

With SIGMA-HR.net talent management software, you can clearly identify your employees’ skills, assess their performance and list their training needs. You will also be able to compare the relations between the turnover rate and the number of hours of training received by your employees or the absence rate and the employees’ skills.

This is a definite advantage for the HR department that can participate in the company’s strategic orientation.

 Find out how SIGMA-HR.net goes beyond the specialized solutions by integrating functions pertaining to talent management to other HR aspects, such as work schedules, time and attendance, and occupational health and safety.


HIRS software talent management


Training plans

Training requests 



Training sessions

Performance evaluation

Annual evaluation campaigns

Exit interviews 

Disciplinary interviews


Self service tools


Recruitment requests

Publication of available positions on your Web site

Publication on Multiposting*

Follow-up of job postings

Calculation of candidate’s travel time

Analysis of resumes

*Additional fees apply