Protect the health and safety of your employees and reduce your contributions to the workers’ compensation board (Québec, Alberta, British-Columbia)

Gestion des risques SIRH SIGMA-RH

The occupational health and safety software of SIGMA-HR will help you implement Health and Safety policies in the work environment. The software allows you to manage all issues pertaining to your employees’ health and safety. It’s a powerful tool that will help you implement your policies on safety at work. The complete module will give you a global vision on all aspects that may impact your employees’ safety. It will also allow you to manage more efficiently your prevention actions and corrective measures.

Work accidents and occupational diseases

Work accident report

Transmission of “Employer’s notice and reimbursement claim” to the CNESST.

Follow-up on corrective measures

Verification of claim costs by importing the CNESST files

Simulations of contributions paid for work accidents and occupational diseases

First aid records

Occupational risks and chemical risks

Assessment of occupational risks

Chemical risks

Management of safety data sheets (SDS)

Action plans for corrective measures

Exposure records to asbestos, radiation, chemical risks

Medical clinic

Management of medical visits

Ideal for companies with a health office or infirmary

Alerts, reminders and workflows

Document templates