Efficiently manage your employees’ occupational hazard in a specialized module for health and safety

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SIGMA-HR offers the most advanced occupational hazard management system on the market.

With the HR software SIGMA-HR.net, you can simplify the management of occupational risks and facilitate the dissemination of information in your organization.

SIGMA-HR.net can be customized to most processes to ensure you can manage occupational risks on a day to day basis while providing functional solutions relating to risk prevention.

  • Track the employee exposure to any type of occupational risks
  • Assess occupational risks by using your own evaluation method (criteria can be customized)
  • Follow-up on corrective measures
  • Alerts in real-time for anomalies
  • Monitoring of personal protective equipment
  • Assessment of chemical risks, exposure to asbestos and radiation;
  • Monitoring of accidental exposures
  • Geolocation of occupational risks
  • Link with with the SIGMA-HR.net work accident module
  • Occupational risks indicators

Geolocation of occupational hazard on your own sites

The SIGMA-HR.net occupational risks module uses the latest technologies to help you in occupational risks prevention.

With our geolocation tools, you can…


  • View the risks on a map
  • Identify the high-risk locations
  • Create quickly action plans to implement corrective measures in high-risk locations

Closely monitor occupational hazard

By using the SIGMA-HR.net occupational risks module, you can:

  • Reaffirm your commitment to your employees’ safety and the prevention of occupational risks
  • Reduce significantly the frequency and severity of work accidents to your company
  • Create a risks repository specific to your company
  • Raise your employees’ awareness to occupational risks by providing modern and efficient prevention tools (pictures, videos, documents, etc.)
  • Manage the loan of personal protective equipment
  • Implement powerful statistical follow-up (creation of risk factors, quantified measures of impacts of preventive actions, etc.).

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