SIGMA-HR is an HR software publisher for medium and large organizations

SIGMA-HR France, SIGMA-HR Solutions and SIGMA-HR USA offer HR software applications that are used in medium and large organizations. SIGMA-HR.net, the company’s lead product, is used in Europe, the U.S. and Canada since 1992.

This modular and integrated HR solution sets itself apart for its flexibility and innovations: geolocation tools, workflows, custom screens, automation of tasks by using an integrated scheduler.

This HRIS software allows HR departments to optimize their processes and play a central and strategic role in the organization.

As an HR software publisher, SIGMA HR offers SIGMA-HR.net, an HR software that can be used world-wide.

It is currently used in over twenty countries in the world, in English and French.

SIGMA-HR’s mission and corporate vision

Our mission is to assist medium and large organizations in optimizing their HR management processes by offering a reliable integrated HR software application that will enable information to be shared to save time and money.

Our vision is to contribute to the success of our customers by emphasizing continuous innovation and by proposing pioneering HR software applications that exceed their expectations and that allow them to reach their corporate objectives. This is how we intend to remain one of the leaders in the development of human resources information systems.

Patrice Poirier, SIGMA-HR CEO

Patrice Poirier President Sigma-RH

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